«THE INDEPENDENT», Londres - Monday 29th JULY 2013

Renato d’AIELLO with Christelle PEREIRA Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s


"At the Alliance Franco Gambienne, jazz lovers will be treated this evening to a scintillating concert featuring the talented jazz singer Christelle Pereira... spectacular voice output, lyrical power, she masters swing music and scat... now just imagine Christelle Pereira sharing the same stage with three world-renowned musical giants, the result, no doubt, could be anybody's guess !"

Centre Culturel de Banjul, Gambie - The Point, Gambia (27 avril 2007)


"I listened to your songs and like what I heard! I wish you all the very best...."

Helen Merrill (février 2007)


"I am an American-born pianist who has been living in Paris for many years. Over the years, I have had the chance to listen to practically all the musicians and singers here. A few years ago, I heard young Christelle Pereira singing in a club, and was very much impressed by her delightful voice. I was surprised to hear a young French girl singing well-chosen American songs. You will feel and hear her love for these songs which she uses frequently in her programs. You will also hear the strong influence of Ella Fitzgerald in her style on jazz tunes. She told me later that Ella was her idol. Although being French, she sings in English without a "Maurice Chevalier" accent, I am sure that she has a very brilliant future."

A propos de l’album «Airmail Special» - Aaron Bridgers, pianist and close friend of Billy Strayhorn et Duke Ellington.

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